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Social Networks & journalists

Nowadays everyone can act as a journalist easily with Social Networks. Now I'd like to set out some questions:

- Is it necesary to be a journalist to inform the rest? If it is not, why does the degree exist?

- Do people belive more a journalist or a person who writes in his blog or in Twitter?

- Do we really belive what we read in that events from Facebook or Tuenti?

I'm really hooked on Social Networks but I don't trust in people who I don't know. So like I use them so as to talk to my friends, I don't get so much information from them.

I've looked for other points of view about this relation between Social Networks and journalists and I've discovered some things. This is a really interesting link about S.N. and journalists:


Here there are some useful Social Networks for journalists. I have changed my opinion after reading it, now I think that some of them are useful for journalists (such as Wired Journalists or Ning), but not those which we use to be in touch with our friends.

Here there's other video which explain how Twitter works, it's really funny, belive me.

Here there are more links with videos about this matter:





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You can actually embed the videos if they are from youtube. Check in their page, where it says either "embed" or "insert"

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martus dijo...

I loved the last video.. :)

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